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Educational Programs offered by the Dixie National Forest

DNF Education Outreach Resource

Download: DNF Education Outreach Resource.pdf

Dixie National Forest Enviroscape Watershed/Non-Point Source Table Model

This presentation mimics non-point source pollution.  We all live in a watershed with water pollution that comes from many sources. Non-point sources contribute a great deal to the pollution in our water bodies. The combined effect of pollution from many small sources can have a real impact on the quality of our shared water resources. Storm-water pollution and runoff are visually apparent when rain falling over the Enviroscape landscape top carries soil (cocoa), chemicals (colored drink mixes) and oil (cocoa and water mixture) through a watershed to a body of water. Storm-water runoff and storm drain function are also addressed. This is an interactive presentation where volunteers can help. We also hand out Storm-water Activity Booklets for children and a flyer to adults which relate directly to the presentation.

Download: Stormwater Activity Book.pdf

Download: Thirstins Activity Book Grades K-3.pdf

The Impact Monster

The Impact Monster skit is a presentation provided by the Dixie National Forest that teaches children about their impact on the environment.  It also teaches  Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly ethics.  For more information and to schedule the presentation contact Logan Ostrom (801) 895-6098.

Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace

Tread Lightly is a great source for educational materials that focus on motorized outdoor recreation – see their website at:

See Tread Lightly Kids at:

Leave No Trace focuses on non-motorized/wilderness education:

The Dixie National Forest can provide educational presentations for your school that teach Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace Principles


Green Education Foundation

See the Green Education Foundation website for more information and ideas on sustainability for your school:

Curriculum from Green Educational Foundation:

SUU Community Engagement Center

The SUU Community Engagement Center provides students, campus personnel and community members and organizations a central hub where they can find out about volunteer opportunities and request volunteer help. The Center has a list on its website of organizations that utilize volunteers, and also sponsors community programming including Service Saturday, Make A Difference Day, a variety of after school programs, an animal rescue program, senior outreach program, alternative breaks and more.

Monarch Watch

Help bring back the monarch. For those of you who work with schools, this could be a great teaching tool or class project:

Order a monarch waystation seed kit at:

The Fisher Green School Experiment

It is so inspiring what one school can do!

Thank You Video

This video was created to thank kids in Southern Utah for Recycling, please feel free to use it at your school:

Helpful Downloads

SURC Education Kit.pdf

Recycle School Lunch Trays: