School Recycling Stats

GAF manufacturing is providing the opportunity for Iron County Schools to go green and begin recycling programs. GAF has offered to let the schools bring their recycling to them to be bailed and sent to Salt Lake each month. Currently parent volunteers at Fiddlers are taking paper to GAF once a week. Enoch Elementary has started their Green Team program in September of 2016.

Final School Totals for Iron County recycling 2016/17 (To Be Announced):

  • Cedar North Elementary:
  • East Elementary:
  • Enoch Elementary:
  • Fiddlers Canyon Elementary:
    002  001
  • Iron Springs Elementary:

Final School Totals for Washington County recycling 2016/17 (To Be Announced):

  • Arrowhead Elementary:
  • Bloomington Hills Elementary:
  • Coral Canyon Elementary:
  • Coral Cliffs Elementary:
  • Dixie Sun Elementary:
  • Enterprise Elementary:
  • George Washington Academy:
    photo 3  photo 1  photo 2
  • Heritage Elementary:
  • Horizon Elementary:
  • Hurricane Elementary:
  • Little Valley Elementary:
  • Sandstone Elementary:
  • Santa Clara Elementary:
  • Springdale Elementary:
  • Sunset Elementary:
  • Three Falls Elementary:
  • Water Canyon School:


We highly recommend weighing your paper on a scale for better accuracy, and to better involve your students!

Robinson Recycling in Cedar City will pay schools for their #10 lunchroom tin cans – the money can go back to the schools PTA – Contact The SOP if you’re interested in doing this at your school.

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