Update on Curbside Recycling program for Washington County

Update on Curbside Recycling Program for Washington County as of 6/15/15

The Washington County Special Service District No.1 is in the process of entering into an agreement with Dixie Waste Services to implement a curbside residential recycling collection program throughout Washington County.  As of their meeting on 6/15/15 a pricing structure was agreed upon and within the next two months each municipality will be contacted individually by the district to review and approve implementation.  Residence within each city/town that chooses to participate will have a 60-day opt out period beginning 9/1/15.  The proposed agreement with Dixie Waste presumes that the county wide participation rate will be 50% or greater.  If not, the effort to implement will be placed on hold.  The agreement if a 5 year agreement, providing for curbside collection two times a month coinciding with regular waste pickup.  The cost will be $3.62 per month per resident in any city/town that elects to require mandatory participation.  Those who choose the opt-out program will pay $3.82 a month.  If 70% participation is achieved, the cost will decrease to $2.94.  Each participating city/town will be responsible for administering the program within its corporate limits. The district hopes to have a calculation of the overall participation rate and monthly fees by 11/1/15 so they can execute an agreement with Dixie Waste.  Dixie Waste can then order their collection vehicles and equipment and services can begin 1/1/16.

For a more detailed description of the proposed program see the attached document.


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