Cedar High School Green Team Program


Cedar High School teacher, Becki Henrie , is in the process of beginning a recycling program at the school.  Students in two of her science classes will be responsible for collection and removal of paper, plastic, and aluminum items each week.  Smiths donated a shopping cart to help the students with transporting the materials.  Ms. Henrie is currently working with the SOP to find a way to get the recycling from the school to a drop off location.  The SOP met with her students last week, provided them with a recycling bin and talked about the importance of recycling.   Recycling saves energy, resources and reduces pollution, as well as creates jobs and keeps things out of the landfill.  The SOP also discussed how to run a school Green Team program and started making plans for a program at Cedar High. Just for fun, the SOP brought old recycled T-shirt strips which the students made into bracelets following the presentation.   004

Along with a recycling program, Ms. Henrie and the SOP are also looking into the possibility of planting a school garden on campus…

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