Go-Green for the Holidays

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There are many things you can do this month to Go-Green for the Holidays.  Instead of throwing out your tree after Christmas, Recycle it.  St. George has a Re-use Center where it will be turned into compost. It is located at 575 East Brigham Road and the service is free of charge. Unsold trees from local lots take their trees to the Center.  The compost can be purchased for $20.00 a ton.  Cedar City will provide Christmas Tree Recycling dumpsters in January at numerous locations around the city.  Call Jeff Hunter to find a location near you 559-0462.  The trees are made into compost at the Landfill which can be purchased at $25/loader bucket.Trees will be collected in Boulder and Escalante for recycling into essential oil by House of Aromatics of Boulder Utah.   Eric Scott, owner and operator of House of Aromatics says “Being able to a recycle a Christmas tree through the distillation process into an essential oil that has myriad uses is quite satisfying. A part of the holiday experience sort of goes with the aroma of those trees in a little bottle.”  Eric began collecting down and damaged trees by humans and Mother Nature for distillation in 2008. Since then, like a Conifer tree, his endeavor has grown slow but steady.  For more information, visit www.houseofaromatics.com   In Escalante bring your trees to the rodeo grounds and in Boulder to the recycle center.  See the story in the Wayne and Garfield County Insider at: http://issuu.com/snapshotmm/docs/121814insider/0

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