Making a difference in the Community – Jason Knowles

Jason Knowles from Enterprise Utah is making a difference in his community.  Since 2010 Jason has been driving around town collecting recycling and taking it to the Washington County Binnies by the Enterprise Post Office.  He collects recycling from businesses, schools, and individual families.  The community helped to purchase his vehicle and also helps to maintain it so he can continue to volunteer.  It is a nine horse gas powered vehicle with a trailer.  Jason also helps clean the streets, remove snow, and help with yard work projects.  The Town of Enterprise gets money back from the Binnie program that goes toward improvements to the local park and recreation program.  They have already purchased and laid sod at the Town Park and plan to make further additions to the playground in 2015.  “Jason is an inspiration to many people in the community and is a big help,” said Tammie Evans the secretary at Enterprise Elementary.  You can often see him over at the Binnies sorting the recycling.  He especially like to be there on Wednesday when the solid waste department comes to empty the bins.  Darcy Holt from the town council says “Jason is always smiling and happy he is a huge asset to the town.  He does a great job!”

2014-10-24 11.09.17 2014-10-24 11.09.24 Jason 1

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